Summer-Time Moving Madness

The sun is only getting hotter as we get further into summer. Great Plains has some tips for you when you’re preparing for a summer move.

 Stay Cool in the Summer Sun

Understand the risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Take precautionary steps to prevent these unwanted illnesses, and know what the signs and symptoms are. Set out a cooler with plenty of water bottles for your family and your moving team to keep hydrated. Give yourself, your family, and moving crew time to rest from being out in the sunshine hauling heavy belongings. Listed below are the signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Dehydration: dry mouth, fatigue, headache, irritability, confusion, and dry skin.

Heat exhaustion: dizziness, confusion, muscle cramps, nausea, and fainting.

Give Your AC Bill Some Allowance

Be sure to give yourself a little wiggle room in your budget for your AC bills at both ends of your move. The doors are going to be continually opened and closed during the move. Your AC is going to be working hard along with you. That said, try to keep windows and doors shut as much as possible to keep the cool air inside.

What is Packed Where and When

Be mindful of what items you are packing in the moving van versus what should be packed in cars for a quick load and unload. Some foods will spoil quickly in the hot sun, CD’s may warp, and paint from artwork may become sticky and come off of the canvas or stick to other items. Strategically plan which items to throw out and which to pack last in the moving truck. Place melt-ables in your car and don’t be afraid to blast the AC to prevent damage.

Plan with Kids and Pets

School is out! It means you get extra helpful, though small, hands to contribute to packing up and moving out. Put older children in charge of small projects like putting away the pots and pans or packing up their room. Small children and pets may be out of sorts during the move, so enlist friends and family to help watch these family members. Spend some time with the kids and pets. Plan fun summer activities to give them breaks and the time with your pet will provide them the assurance they need during this odd time of transition.

Schedule Early and Plan Ahead

Summer is peak season for moving companies. Book your moving company in advance. Schedule some time off work to dedicate to the move and to getting settled in your new home. Prepare for the big day by packing one room per weekend leading up to your scheduled move. Preparing ahead of your move in day will allow you to strategize and make the big day go smoothly.


Need to book your next move? We’ll help you beat the heat this summer and get you settled in your new home more quickly.