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Professional Moving Services for Seniors

Professional Moving Services for Seniors

Industry-Leading Professional Moving Services for Seniors in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

If you or a senior in your family is planning to move in the near future, here are some tips from Great Plains Moving and Storage’s professional moving services about how to plan for and create a stress-free moving and storage experience. Be sure to meet with multiple moving companies on estimates to discuss your needs and what they can do to help you.

A senior move is often the need to downsize, move due to the current home’s challenges to mobility and independence, moving into a child’s or another family members’ home, and more. These moves present several challenges that professional moving services can help.

A move is already a stressful time but is even more so if finances or health are a reason for the move. Take advantage of professional moving services such as full-service movers so all belongings are packed, handled, picked up, transported, and delivered for you. This will save time and hassle, especially if one is unable to physically handle the move on their own.


Experienced Moving and Storage Solutions

In the same line as packing, professional moving services know how to safely move and handle priceless belongings such as antiques, fine art, family heirlooms, crystal, china, and more. Movers will know how to pack them and can even provide custom crating for the bigger items such as antique furniture that have specific needs.

If your senior move is to downsize your home, there are also short-term and long-term storage solutions at professional moving companies. If you have belongings you cannot take with you but wish to keep, this might be the solution for you. During your estimate, ask about the storage facilities and make sure they are climate-controlled and electronically monitored for your belongings’ safety.

These moving and storage solutions along with the help of experienced movers will streamline any kind, type, or distance of the move. If you are looking for help or guidance for your next move, reach out to your local movers and find the services that fit your needs the best.


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Planning for a Commercial Move with Reliable Movers

Reliable Movers’ Top Advice on Planning for a Commercial Move in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, & Surrounding Areas

If your company or business is planning an upcoming move, Great Plains Moving and Storage’s reliable movers in Brighton, CO, and Colorado Springs, CO want to share some tips about how to plan your commercial move.

As you begin planning your move, you will need to know what is being moved and what needs your company has for the process. For example, do you need reliable movers to disassemble the cubicles in your office or to pack everything for you so you and your employees can focus on the workday without being disrupted by the move? With all these questions in mind, you will need to know what your company requires before you schedule estimates with moving companies.

  • Take Inventory - Take inventory of everything that needs to be moved. From files to furniture, equipment, and more, the number of belongings, the weight, and any special services such as IT services will affect the overall cost of your move. Taking inventory is important because once the move is complete, you will need to take inventory again to make sure all belongings have arrived at the new location.
  • Schedule Estimates - With your inventory updated, and your needs planned, begin contacting moving and storage companies to schedule estimates. During an estimate explore the company’s moving and storage services and look for reliable movers who are more than happy to customize their services to your business needs.
  • Communication - With the moving date set, a moving and storage company selected, it’s time to notify all parties involved and affected by the move. Your employees need to know as soon as possible because the move will directly impact their work and personal life. Also notify your suppliers, customers, the bank, post-office, utilities, and more.

With these tips, you will be ready to work with your reliable movers in no time. Plan your commercial move today and enjoy the results in your new location. From packing, transporting, and storage, you will find your moving and storage experience to be stress-free.


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DIY Moving VS Hiring Professional Movers

DIY Moving VS Hiring Professional Movers

Useful Pros and Cons of DIY Moving VS Hiring Professional Movers in Brighton, CO & Surrounding Areas

If you have a move coming up, you will need to decide what you can do on your own and when you will need to hire professional movers. Do you need help packing, lifting, or do you just want to rent a truck and do it yourself? Professional movers, like Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO, offer many different services, so it is important to look at the pros and cons of DIY moving VS hiring professional movers.


Do-It-Yourself Moving

Moving DIY means you have everything in your control. You can decide when to pack, move, and more. While this might seem like a great idea, packing and moving is a ton of work. You may make this choice to save money, but if you don’t have the time to complete these projects, it may be more stressful than you thought. Moving DIY also carries the risk of injury if you are unused to lifting and moving anything heavy or big.

DIY also includes knowing how much you need to move, how big of a truck you need, how long you will need the truck, how far your move is, and if you need a driver or not. If family and friends help you move, it’s important to compensate them with dinner, money, or more.


Hiring Professional Movers

You will save time and risk by hiring professional moving companies. Your belongings will be moved carefully and with practiced ease to avoid any damage or injuries. While you might not be able to control every detail of your move, the professionals are here to create the moving and storage service you need so look for a moving company that is ready to work with your needs, budget, and schedule. The cost of a move is all discussed during an estimate, but you will need to calculate tips to the helpful movers, insurance, and more.

Whether you decide to move DIY or with professional movers, it’s important to consider what you need out of your move. With these tips, get ready to start planning your move efficiently. If you need help, our professional movers are always here for you.


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Moving Office Cubicles with Office Movers

Moving Office Cubicles with Office Movers

Top of the Industry Office Movers and Moving Office Cubicles in Brighton, CO & Surrounding Areas

It’s time for your office to move but you and your employees are unsure how to approach all the cubicles you will need to move. Professional office moving companies are a convenient choice if you are planning to hire a moving and storage company to do the work, but if you and your employees are packing and disassembling your office on your own, here are Great Plains Moving and Storage’s movers’ tips on how to safely disassemble your cubicles in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO.

While you plan to take apart the cubicles in your office, be sure to set aside a few hours of time so the project is not rushed. Have two or three people working on a cubicle at a time to make sure the walls of the cubicle are steady and nothing falls or causes injury during the process.

Tools Needed for Disassembly

  • Rubber Mallet
  • Ladder
  • Wrench
  • Flat-Head Screwdriver

Our office movers recommend taking your time and complete each step carefully.


Disassembling a Cubicle

  1. Clear all items out of the cubicle, unplug, and remove all cords.
  2. Remove the desk and shelving. One employee will hold the desk steady while another is underneath the desk to unscrew it from the paneling.
  3. One employee will stabilize the cubicle’s panels while another removes the outer panel by the springs, latches, or screws.
  4. If you have a connector rail that is bolted down, loosen it with a wrench. If the rail is not bolted, a flat-head screwdriver will loosen the panels. Gently use a rubber mallet to dislodge any stuck panels.

These four steps will safely tell you and your employees how to disassemble a cubicle. If you do hire office movers to disassemble them for you, make sure all items and cords are removed from the cubicles beforehand.

Office movers are always ready to help streamline the transition of your move. Consider hiring professionals so your employees can focus on their work while the move is ongoing. Make sure no one Is overloaded between the daily tasks and preparing for the upcoming move.


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Business Movers’ Tips on Involving Employees in Your Business Move

Trust Our Professional Business Movers in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, & Surrounding Areas

Moving a business takes a lot of work and affects many people from your customers, staff, and employees. It is important to make sure your employees are informed about the move as early as possible and that you involve them in the process. Think about it—you hired these talented individuals for a reason, so involve them help in completing your move. Here are some tips from Great Plains Moving and Storage to help streamline the process a bit more.

  • Give Everyone a Heads Up - During the move, be sure to let everyone know ahead of time when the expected move is supposed to happen. This change has a huge effect on your employee’s daily lives so be sure to have regular meetings to check in and make sure everyone is informed and handling the move well.
  • Organization - Staying organized is key during a move. Create checkpoints and assignments to organize the day-to-day tasks. Create a list of dates such as when all of the packings should be completed, when the moving days are taking place, when the employees should work remotely, or report to the new location. While all of this is going on, be sure to pick a liaison to maintain open communication between your business and the business movers.
  • An Opportunity for Improvement - Moves bring about the opportunity for change. Your business movers will be able to provide floor planners and logistics to your business but be sure to ask your employees if there is any way to improve their workspace in the new location. Does anyone need more printers or are there enough cubicles?
  • Pay Attention to Productivity - While the move is underway, make sure the packing and changes are not hampering your employees’ work. Consider hiring temporary help to lighten the load and provide support to your employees who are very affected by the move.
  • Ask for Feedback - Once your move is complete with the help of your talented employees and business movers, be sure to take a moment and reflect on the process. Ask for feedback from your employees to see how the move could be completed even better the next time around.


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Tips for an Effective Office Relocation

Tips for an Effective Office Relocation

Reliable Advice on How to Have an Effective Office Relocation in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs

If your office is planning an upcoming move, our movers have several tips to help smooth the transition that is office relocation. Start planning ahead by reading these tips from Great Plains Moving and Storage’s expert movers in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO because you will discover how to plan out your move and what steps are necessary to see it to success.


Office Relocation Strategies

Creating a timeline, negotiating tasks, communicating with your employees, and upgrading your design or format are all top strategies while planning for an office relocation.

  • Plan Ahead - Planning your move ahead of time will save your office relocation the mistakes that rushing can bring. Create some short-term and long-term goals you and your company can accomplish to see the move through to its completion. Plan when to pack, when to notify employees of the move, notify your utilities, and more.
  • Delegate Duties - Negotiating tasks is a way to not only involve, but to rely on the people around you. For example, create a taskforce made up of your office movers, designers, property managers, realtors, your human resources, and your finances person. This team will be able to oversee the move and make sure everyone and everything affected is informed and ready for the move.
  • Strong Communication - Communication can single handedly create a fantastic moving and storage experience. When all involved parties are involved and notified, the move can continue to its successful completion. An office relocation needs employees to be notified ahead of time because of when they need to pack, when they need to go to their new work location, and more. Check in to make sure everyone is handling the new changes and stress all right.
  • Trust Your Moves - Take advantage of the services moving and storage companies can offer. Consider the moving company’s suggestions about design, floor plans, and different layout options. Take advantage of this professional advice and upgrade your office in its new home.

With these tips, you will be ready to help your business with its move. Work with your employees, moving companies, and all the resources you have at your disposal to create a streamlined moving and storage experience.


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