Boxing Tips

Boxing Tips

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How to Pack Your Kitchen

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How to Pack Fragile Kitchen Items

The kitchen is by far the most difficult room to pack while moving. There is a lot of material to pack, but a lot of it is fragile or unusually shaped, and there are frequently so many little things that can confuse even the most meticulous packers. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving is to approach your kitchen without a strategy. However, you can make packing your kitchen simpler and more professional with a little forethought and imagination. Here are some pointers for packing a kitchen efficiently.


Declutter Your Kitchen

Just like you would in any other area, go through the kitchen and remove everything you no longer want or need before you begin packing. Take some time to look through the unnecessary items because moving is a fantastic opportunity to get rid of them. In the kitchen, it can be challenging to resist the voice that keeps nagging you to use that baking set even though you've never used it before. If you've had it for more than a year and it's still in the box, chances are you won't use it.


Buy Packing Supplies

You'll need sturdy boxes in various sizes, packing paper, packing tape, and labels to pack your kitchen. To make things simpler for yourself, you might also wish to purchase specialized dividers designed for stacking and packing difficult-to-pack objects like stemware. Purchase some plastic wrap as well. Use the same kind that you would to wrap leftovers. This will keep stacked things together and prevent them from shifting.


Set Aside a Box of Essentials

Set aside a box of necessities and basic kitchen supplies that you'll need right immediately before you relocate. A few dishes, some cutlery, some cups, and any other items you'll require for your first night in your new house should be included in this box. Before you unpack everything else, you need to have access to these items, thus you need have this box.


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If you are ready to start preparing for your move or need help packing your kitchen, contact us today and we are happy to help. We are the best movers in Brighton, CO, and the surrounding areas.

A List of Items Not to Pack for a Move from Top Residential Movers

Residential Movers’ List on What Not to Pack for Your Big Move

Moving Day is on the horizon. Before you continue packing, there are a few things you should know to never pack. When residential movers come to pick-up your belongings, some things do not belong in the boxes and can cause quite a mess or hassle if they are. Try to set these items aside or keep a list of what should go and what should stay behind and get thrown away. The organization is key here. Do your best to keep everything in order. It’ll help keep the process running smoothly in the long run.


Items Not to Pack

Great Plains Moving and Storage’s professional residential movers in Brighton, CO, Denver, CO, and Colorado Springs, CO have put together the following list of items that you should not pack during your next move.

  • No Flammable Items - Aerosol cans, gasoline, or kerosene should not be packed. If you don’t know how to dispose of these items properly, call and ask a local hazardous waste site in your area. Do not put firearms or fireworks on the moving truck either.
  • No House Plants - Depending on where you are moving, certain plants cannot be taken across state lines or into different countries. This is a risk of contamination and threats to natural vegetation and wildlife in the area you are moving to. If you are allowed to take the houseplant, put it in your car, or give it to a friend.
  • No Perishable Food - Do not pack perishable foods. These can spoil and make a mess and odor that no one wants to deal with during the move. Donate your food to a local food pantry beforehand or give them to your neighbors. Pack a cooler of food for the move itself to keep in your car or get takeout on the way.

Other things that our residential movers recommend that should not be packed away is any important paperwork you might need. This includes your child’s homework! It is recommended that you do pack toiletries and an extra change of clothes for everyone. We also recommend that you keep all valuables and money locked in your car or on your person.


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With these items taken care of, you are ready to continue preparing for your move. When looking for moving companies and residential movers, be sure to check which items their trucks will not carry for you. Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage for a free estimate today.

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Packing Tips for Moving a Business in Brighton, CO

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Packing Tips for Moving a Business in Brighton, CO

Brighton, CO’s Top Movers Provide Packing Tips for Moving Your Business

Commercial moving can be tricky, which is why we have put together this list of packing tips for moving your business. When moving a business, you not only do you have to manage moving day itself, but you are also faced with the challenge of making the move as seamless and non-disruptive as possible. With a potential drop in productivity on your mind (and a million relocation notices to send), packing might be the last thing you’re thinking about. That’s why Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO is here to help you get started.

With a little more preparation on the front end, you can simplify the moving and storage process for your entire enterprise. Use this list of packing tips for moving to get started.

  1. Start early - The sooner you begin planning for your commercial, the less stressful it will be. Even if you’re hiring professional moving companies to help with the heavy lifting, you are still arranging the relocation and need a plan in place. Take a walk-through of your new location to get an idea of where everything will go and designate a point-person to oversee the packing process in each department. You don’t want any essential documents to get lost in the fray, so have a folder on-hand with any important papers (including this list of packing tips for moving)
  2. Invest in proper packing supplies - If you’re transporting high-value electronics and custom equipment, then cardboard boxes may not cut it. Order tough containers and bubble wrap to keep your objects safe or talk to your movers about specialty crating services.
  3. Label. This allows both you and your movers to easily pack, track, and unpack boxes at your new location. Label both the top and sides of each box with a number, a room name, and a brief description of its contents. Make an inventory sheet to look over at the end of the day so you can be sure everything made it off the truck.
  4. Care for your computers and cables - Computers are most likely the most expensive and critical assets of your business, which is why they should be packed with care. Each computer should be properly wrapped and padded and should never be placed on top of or underneath other items in a box. Remember to remove all chords and cables attached to the computer, and store those in a labeled zip-locked bag. Remember to back up your data before unplugging anything!
  5. Don’t forget the furniture - Transporting furniture may be the most challenging part of your commercial move. For this reason, we recommend hiring a professional moving company to ensure the safe relocation of your desks, chairs, and shelves. But if you’re doing it on your own, make sure you know what you are doing. Disassemble each piece of furniture if possible and wrap the individual components separately. Empty all non-removable drawers and table them shut to avoid damage.


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Use this list of packing tips for moving for an effective, efficient commercial move. Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO today for more information on our professional packing and office moving services.

Advice on Color Coding Boxes for a Move from a Top Moving Company in Denver, CO

The Leading Moving Company in Denver, CO Provides Tips on Color Coding Boxes for a Move

As an experienced moving company in Denver, CO, Great Plains Moving and Storage can assure you that there’s nothing more frustrating than unlabeled boxes on moving day. Hauling unlabeled crates up and down the stairs on your own and forgetting where those light fixtures go can cost you precious time and energy. That’s why we’re sharing our secret to a stress-free, seamless unpacking process: color-coding.

While labeling your boxes may seem like an artistic endeavor, it’s also an efficient way to organize your belongings so they’re recognizable at a glance. With a little more work on the front end of the packing process and help from an experienced moving company in Denver, CO, your new home will be put together in no time.

So, how does it work?

  • Label Three Sides of the Boxes - As you pack, each box or item should have a colored label on at least three sides. Work with your movers to assign each room in your new house a specific color. Post a corresponding sticker on each door frame so as the movers unload your belongings, they’ll know where to take your belongings. For example, the boxes in the kitchen would have a blue label, the boxes in the living room would have a green label, and so on.
  • Use a Numbering System – As a leading moving company in Denver, CO, Great Plains Moving and Storage works hard to make sure that all of your belongings arrive at your new home on time and in perfect condition. That’s why we also recommend using a numbering system in addition to color-coding to ensure that nothing is misplaced or forgotten.
  • Keep of List of the Boxes & Where they Go - Use a ledger to note exactly how many boxes should be in each room. If you pack 10 “blue” boxes for the kitchen, each box would have a label and a number. On moving day, you’ll have a record to show how many boxes should be there.


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As an experienced moving company in Denver, CO, we know that details matter. With a little extra planning and preparation, you’ll settle into your home faster and feel confident that nothing is missing. Contact us today to learn more about making your next move stress-free with Great Plains Moving and Storage.

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Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Items like lamps and china come in different shapes and sizes and require a bit more care when it comes to boxing them up for a move. Here are tips to get you started on packing your fragile items.