How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Denver, CO & Brighton, CO

Dependable Moving and Storage Advice: How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Denver, CO, Brighton, CO, & Colorado Springs, CO

Knowing how much professional moving and storage services will cost for your move is an important question to ask as you plan your move. Depending on the services you require, the distance, and the type of move, your price can vary. Keep on reading to see how much it costs to hire movers in Denver, CO.


Price Factors

These factors can all affect the price of your move.

  • The size of your home and the weight of items being moved
  • Specialized items add extra costs such as a hot tub, piano, and antiques
  • Extra services such as packing, storage, disassembly, and custom crating
  • Distance moved

Outside of these prices, there are extra fees for services such as fees for handling large or bulky items, fees for long carry if there is a long distance to carry the objects you are moving, cancellation fees, storage fees, extra stop charges, disposal fees, and express delivery charges.


How Much Does It Cost to Move?

What you are moving and how far you are moving are big factors to the price of your move. To give you an example, local movers generally charge $50.00 an hour. Moving a 2-bedroom home in 5-6 hours can cost about $750 to $900. Moving these same items cross-country would cost around $3,400 to $4,100.


How to Save and Budget

If you are looking to save some money, try out these ideas:

  • Negotiate a lower price with movers in Denver, CO
  • Pack yourself

Get rid of or donate belongings you do not need to take with you. While this seems like a lot of information, you will have a better grasp of how moving and storage companies create their charges. Be sure to schedule a moving and storage estimate with your movers to discuss these prices and see how they break down their charges for your needs.


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Important Questions to Ask Movers in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Suggested Questions That You Should Ask Professional Movers in Brighton, CO & Surrounding Areas

As you begin to plan for your move, one of the most important steps is finding the right moving and storage company for you. The best movers will want to help you complete your move eagerly and will have an array of customizable services to choose from. This move is a big impact on your life so be sure to ask many questions as you start looking for the best movers for you.


How to Find Good Professional Movers

As you begin your search, schedule moving and storage estimates with multiple moving and storage companies. Movers in Brighton, CO, are plenty, but it is up to you to do some research and see what company is for you. For example, go online and read customer reviews on Google reviews or Yelp. Ask for customer references and prepare to ask many questions during your estimate.


Questions to Ask Movers in Brighton, CO

  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Are they a ProMover company?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What hidden costs should be expected?
  • What additional services can they offer you?
  • What is their movers’ level of experience?
  • Do they have the moving equipment your move needs?
  • Are there in-person estimates completed on-site?
  • How are disputes or complaints handled?
  • What moving insurance is available and how will your belongings be protected?
  • Do they require a deposit?

As you meet for your moving and storage estimate, it’s important to know what you expect out of a move, what your budget, and preferences are. This will allow you to focus on what the movers in Brighton, CO are offering, to find the best one for you.

Plan your move and be prepared for your initial estimate with the movers of your choice. These questions are a great way to see if a company’s services will work for you or not. Start exploring your options and enjoy the stress-free process of your move in no time.


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How the Housing Market Effects Moving and Storage

Evaluating Moves and How the Housing Market Effects Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

As the housing market changes with the recent high demand for homes and selling on the market, there are more demands on professional moving and storage services to complete those moves. If you are planning on moving soon, it is important to know how the housing market can affect hiring moving and storage. To begin, start looking for a moving company like Great Plains Moving and Storage and get on their schedule multiple months ahead of time to make sure you can move when you need to.


How the Housing Market Changes

Buying and selling previously owned homes are at their highest since 2006. This means more people are interested in the housing market and now there is a low-interest rate and a big housing turnover going on. Searching for your new home is even easier with the online opportunities from online video tours, video chats with realtors, meeting in person, and more.


Professional Moving and Storage

Professional moving companies are a great resource to have help with your move. They can make your transition easier thanks to their varied services. You can choose from services as follows but not limited to:

  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Storage Solutions
  • Disassembly of Furniture
  • Custom Crating
  • Pick-Up & Delivery of Belongings

It’s important to schedule your estimates for moving and storage months ahead of your move to make sure you find the moving company for you and get on their busy calendars. During estimates, see how their services can make your move easier for you, be sure to ask lots of questions too, and see who can help you the most.

Find your new home without a problem with these helpful tips. Start ahead of time and enjoy the challenges and benefits of an active housing market. See how you can complete your next move sooner than you think.


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Office Moving Companies’ Tips on How to Have a Smooth Office Move in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Streamline Commercial Moves with Professional Office Moving Companies in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, & Surrounding Areas

Planning to move your office can take a lot of work. With the help of professional office moving companies like Great Plains Moving and Storage, you and your employees will be able to focus on your daily tasks while the move is going on. See what you and your employees need help with and learn some tips about how to have a smooth office move.


Planning Ahead

The most crucial part of any move is planning at the beginning. Moving last minute or rushing any step can cause mistakes or accidents. In turn, this can cause injuries or costs due to damaged items and property, time lost, and more.

Take these steps to start planning your office move for a smooth and efficient result:

  • Notify employees of the moving date
  • Notify change of address to all parties
  • Schedule estimates with office moving companies
  • Hire one of the best office moving companies for you
  • Start packing on your own or with professionals
  • Complete the move
  • Employees start work at the new office

There are many people to keep involved with your move. Inform all and more from your vendors, customers, utilities, the post office, the bank, remote workers, employees, and more about the move.


Benefits of Working with Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers is a great way to streamline a move. They can save you the risks and rush you might create with your own DIY move. All workspaces will be clear while moving, the move will be in organized steps, and the movers have the expertise they need to keep things efficient and smooth. Movers can pack, pick up, store, disassemble, and transport your items for you.

Focus on your daily work and let professional office moving companies handle the hard work of the move for you. Keep your employees notified, start calling those utilities ahead of time, and more. With these tips, you will be ready to start planning your office move.


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Learn What Goes into a Moving and Storage Quote

Professional Movers Explain What Goes into a Moving and Storage Quote in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

A moving and storage quote is created during a free estimate with a moving and storage company to discuss and plan your upcoming move. If this is your first time working with a professional moving and storage company, here are some tips about what to expect with your moving and storage quote.

To begin, moving and storage quotes are based upon billable time and the distance of the move. There are many people, resources, and more involved during a move whose time is billable.


Billable Items During a Move

  • Weight of Belongings
  • Distance
  • Hours
  • Packing Material
  • Insurance/Protection for Items
  • Trucks, Vans, and Equipment Used
  • Drivers
  • Movers

If you are planning on moving a short distance, those estimates and quotes are usually non-binding whereas long-distance moving and storage quotes are binding because of the sheer number of people and resources involved in the move.


Moving and Storage Services

Professional movers offer two main kinds of services such as the full service or partial service moves. These options allow movers to provide a variety of services depending on your budget, needs, and schedules. These services will affect your moving quote and will be discussed during the move.

  • Full Service Movers - Packing, storage, I.T. services, cubical and furniture disassembly, logistics, and more during your move.
  • Partial Service Movers - Complete the packing and planning on your own for a flexible schedule in your control. The movers will pick up, transport, and deliver your belongings for you. Moving companies will not be held responsible for items damaged during a move if they did not pack them.

As you start planning for your upcoming move, these tips are here to help you know what to expect from a moving quote and estimate. Schedule an estimate to get started and see how your move can become a hassle-free process.


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Tips for Moving a Short Distance with Moving and Storage Companies

Professional Moving and Storage Companies’ Tips on Moving a Short Distance in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

No matter how big or small your move is, moving a short distance is a great reason to look for what moving and storage companies are available to help you with your move. Prepare ahead of time and schedule estimates to see what company will fit your needs the best. With their help, your move will become a reality and you will be in your new home or work in no time.


Moving and Storage Supplies

Get your move off to a good start with these supplies. New boxes are important because using old or worn-out boxes may break and damage belongings during the move. If you have them available, Tupper Ware or plastic containers and bins that are sturdy can help in the move as well.

  • Boxes
  • Packaging Tape
  • Markers
  • Packing Material



As you plan for your move, this is a great opportunity to see what items you don’t need anymore. You will not want to pay professional moving and storage companies to move items you don’t want. Separate your belongings into piles of “to throw away,” “to keep,” and “to donate.” As you prepare to take what you are moving with you, measure furniture, walls, and wall hangings to make sure everything will fit into your new space.



Packing for your move can be tricky when you think about what items you need to use around the house up until the moving day. For example, key necessities, toiletries, a few dishes, and silverware for the night before the move can all be set aside and then packed right before you move. Moving and storage companies also offer full-service moves where they can pack your belongings for you which can help you save time and finish what you need to complete before your short distance move.

Packing, getting supplies and measuring your furniture, and more are all steps to accomplish for your move. If you are looking for professional movers to help with your short-distance move, see how they can help you prepare for your move soon with these above-mentioned tips.


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