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Lump Sum Payments for Employee Relocations

Lump Sum Payments for Employee Relocations

How to Use Lump Sum Payments for Employee Relocations in Brighton, CO & Surrounding Areas

Companies in today’s fast-paced world often want to include their employees in their company relocations. To make this process easier, a lump sum is included for employee relocations. But, if this is your first-time taking part in employee relocation, keep reading some of the advice from Great Plains Moving and Storage to know what a lump sum is and what you can do in employee relocations.

A lump sum move is a moving bonus given from the employer to their employee to help and use towards their upcoming move. This can be completed by either a cash payment to the employee, direct payment to the moving company, or part of the moving expenses are refunded to the employee from their employer. Each option allows the employee to receive their lump sum to aid in the move. The lump sum during employee relocations also allows the employee to have a more hands-on experience for planning and having a say in how their move is completed with the use of the bonus.


Manage Your Own Move

Having a lump sum for employee relocations allows the employee to manage their own move and plan with the personal coordinators what needs to be addressed during the move. With this control, they can rest easy knowing that the moving and storage solutions and professional movers will handle the move with careful packing and delivering their belongings.

Moving companies with employee relocation moves will be more than willing to work with you to see your move and your transition to the new company completed seamlessly. With these services, customize the moving and storage options to your specific needs and preferences. Full-service movers who can pack, disassemble your belongings, and move them for you will give you more time to prepare for your first day at your company’s new location.

Lump sums for employee relocations are offered to make the employees moving experience less stressful and hassle-free. With a moving company’s help, your personalized move will be completed in no time.


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Advice for When Residential Movers are Needed on Short Notice

What to do When Residential Movers are Needed Last-Minute in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Sometimes a move just has to happen, right now, and as soon as possible. In those moments, it will be stressful and maybe even overwhelming to plan everything on such short notice. Even more important is to find reliable residential movers at the last minute to complete your move for you. With time running short, here are Great Plains Moving and Storage’s residential movers’ top tips on looking for moving companies last minute in Brighton, CO and Colordado Springs, CO.

  • Make a Checklist - Before you begin, make sure you make a quick list of the tasks you must not forget to do. For example, make sure your mail service has your change of address, your utilities are scheduled for the switch, and the kids are enrolled in a new school or daycare. With all of this noted, begin searching for moving companies to make your estimate requests online, and call ahead to get the process moving.
  • Plan Ahead - If the move is happening quickly, plan what will make the process easier for you. Look for residential movers who are full-service movers. This means they will completely pack, pick up, and deliver your belongings for you, saving you the time and effort that packing requires. This also takes away the risk of incorrectly packing anything and causing damage to your items. Let the professionals handle it and take the stress of packing away.
  • Hire Professionals - If you are moving because of work, it is extra important to make sure you hire residential movers who can fully take care of your move for you. This will allow you to focus on your personal transition and take care of things such as helping your family, children, and even the pets through the move. Moving can be stressful for them, so make sure you have the time to help them acclimate to the coming changes.

Hiring full-service moving companies is a great way to save yourself some time and rush during a last-minute move. The movers can pack, disassemble, and reassemble your furniture, and more. Take advantage of these options and tips to save yourself the stress and hassle and to make your move go smoothly.


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The Benefits of Commercial Storage Solutions for Hotels

Commercial Storage Solutions for Hotels in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Moving a hotel is no easy feat. Hotels provide their customers with not only quality accommodations but services such as conference rooms, dining and kitchen, pools, halls, and more. During a move or remodeling, all the FF&E (fixtures, furniture & equipment) can benefit from commercial storage solutions to help organize the moving and storage process. Here are a few benefits of commercial storage solutions that the experts at Great Plains Moving and Storage have put together.

  • Flexible Options - Professional moving companies with full-service commercial moves also include short-term and long-term storage as well as designers, coordinators, and more. For a hotel's remodeling or relocation, conduct on-site walkthroughs with moving companies on both locations to plan what services are the best for your situation.
  • Secured Storage Facilities - Full-service moving companies provide commercial storage solutions to their clients and customers. The movers will provide a state-of-the-art secure and safe storage facility for the hotel's needs. Storage facilities are temperature-controlled, and electronic security monitored to safely store the hotel's inventory, furniture, and equipment during a move.
  • Business as Usual - With so many different parts to moving a hotel, short-term and long-term storage allows different items to be stored safely in climate-controlled facilities and units. For example, banquet supplies, wine and liquor, records, service vehicles, and signage can all be stored while the move is underway to ensure that nothing is lost or damaged during the move. Storing these items will allow the hotel staff to continue to service catering events such as weddings and anniversaries. These events and services will continue without any hindrance from the current relocation or remodeling.
  • Organization - Using commercial storage solutions during a hotel move will allow inventory to be organized and assessed as well. Before packing and pick-up, take inventory of the hotel's FF&Es during this transition and plan what furniture and equipment can be replaced or updated.

There are many preparations and steps to prepare for the big moving day. With the help of moving and storage solutions, a hotel's move will be streamlined with the staff having access to continue catering services, and to have a safe place to store the hotel's furniture and equipment.


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How to Choose the Right Business Movers

Discover How to Choose the Right Business Movers in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO & Surrounding Areas

All businesses and companies depend on commercial business movers like Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO, and Colorado Springs, CO to successfully move their company to a new area. Moving a business or office is not only a lot of work, but if you pick the wrong business movers, the move may go awry with lost inventory, late deliveries, or your equipment and goods damaged. Picking out the right movers from your local moving companies is an essential step, and these are our tips on what to look for.

  • Know What You Need - Before you begin to look for professional business movers, assess what you and your company's needs. Do you need full-service movers who will pack, pick up, deliver, and assemble your belongings? Do you need any special equipment or trucks? Do you require a moving coordinator and designer?
  • Work with Reliable Commercial Movers - Knowing what you need in mind, look for a commercial mover. Commercial moves are for businesses, offices, and even warehouse inventory. Business movers can provide designers, floor planners, and even disassemble and reassemble furniture and cubicles.
  • Do Your Homework - To find reputable movers, go online to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for a list of accredited movers, search LinkedIn for reviews company profiles, and if you Google companies, remember that a fancy website doesn’t always mean good service. In the end, your experience during a walkthrough with the movers will be the best way to measure their quality of services.

Hire business movers who best fit you and your company’s needs. Rushing this decision can end up damaging your belongings or impeding the moving day operations. Go on multiple on-site estimates with moving companies and communicate with them what services are the best for you. Ask for a reference and make sure the company you choose is cooperative and has a good reputation.


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Advice from Moving and Storage Companies: 5 Things to Do 1 Week Before Moving

Discover 5 Things You Should Do 1 Week Before Moving from Professional Moving and Storage Companies in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

The moving day for your big move always comes fast. A week before the move, there is a lot to do to make sure your move happens without a hitch. As a leader among moving companies in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO, Great Plains Moving and Storage’s has put together these five tips about what you should do one week before your move.

  • Set Aside Essentials - After looking at moving and storage companies and picking the best one for you, make sure you set aside some essential items before everything is packed up in preparation for the move. Pack any toiletries, snacks, medication, pet food, clothes, and more that you will need during the trip to your new home. Also, make sure you have any necessary paperwork, licenses, or even the kid’s schoolwork in easy reach during the move.
  • Tie Up Loose Ends - Clean up any loose ends by paying your last bills and cancel any utilities connected to the old home. Make sure utilities are transferred to your new address. Also, make sure your banking is moved to your new location as well. Transfer your accounts and close any safety deposit boxes.
  • Check the Shed & Garage - Don’t forget the contents of your garage or shed before moving. Make sure you drain your lawnmower and other power tools. Safely dispose of any flammable items that most moving and storage companies will not move. Cover the heads of tools and any sharp blades as well.
  • Pack Carefully - Many moving and storage companies offer full-service moves, but if you are packing your own belongings, make sure you disassemble your furniture before the movers come to pick it up. Put any loose screws or hardware in labeled bags and either tape them to the furniture or keep in a separate labeled box to find again for reassembly.
  • Contact Your Moving Company - Before any of your preparations, it is important to double-check with the moving company one week before the move to make sure everything is scheduled and ready to go. With all these steps, you will be ready for the move to begin. Save yourself the stress and complete these steps ahead of time.


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Professional Movers’ Advice on Moving Office Equipment

Safe & Efficient Ways of Moving Office Equipment in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Is your office planning a move in Brighton, CO or Colorado Springs, CO, and you are wondering where to begin? It’s overwhelming to prepare an entire office for a move. That’s why Great Plains Moving and Storage has gathered the best tips for moving office equipment to guide you through all your moving and storage needs.


Key Steps for Office Moving Success

With these steps in mind, you will be all ready and prepared for your move. Preparation will help smooth the process of moving and storage, as well as moving office equipment. Being ready for the move also helps the movers that you hire have a better game plan for the move, in order to help you and your staff get back to work as soon as possible.

  • Be prepared - This first step is crucial. Plan at least three months before the move. Spend this time informing and training your staff, taking inventory, and deciding what and how much needs to be moved. Also, use this time to search for professional moving companies to help you move as well.
  • Involve your employees - Your employees’ daily lives and work will be affected by this move. Give them clear guidelines on when to begin packing, what work they should take home, and go over proper packing and lifting safety techniques if they are helping in any part of the move.
  • Hire experienced office movers - To make sure the move goes right; you need to look at the right moving companies to hire for the job. Hire movers who are professionally trained and properly equipped for moving office equipment. Pick your top three moving companies to come to your current office and the new office for an estimate. Be sure to tell them exactly what you require so they can give you the services you need and a proper estimate.
  • Hire a move manager - With so much going on, hire a move manager to assist and streamline the move process. They will handle all your schedules, coordinate, and communicate with the movers. They can help to plan the exact moving date as well. Don’t pick a time of the year that is busy for your company or that might disturb meetings with your clientele.
  • Change of address - Announce to your clients your change of address. Update your website and all published materials.


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