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Office Moving and Storage Questions Answered

Office Moving and Storage Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions about Office Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO Answered

Moving an office takes a lot of time and work. You have many moving pieces to manage and questions about how to handle them. Since your office moving and storage company will probably be running most of the process, Great Plains Moving and Storage has created a list of questions that many business owners ask regarding moving. Find out what you need to know to better plan your move.


How Do I Get a Quote?

Call your movers for a business relocation estimate and answer your moving questions. Calling your local office movers for a quote should be easy. Great Plains Moving and Storage offers a free move consultation at your place of business. The talk covers everything from packing your computer equipment to how many elevator journeys you'll need to get out. A moving company will provide you with an estimate for your move in person or over the phone.


When Should I Book My Move?

The earlier an office moving and storage company knows about the move, the better. Choosing your moving date ahead of time allows you to avoid working around a pre-arranged plan. Moving firms do their best to accommodate clients and organize last-minute moves, but it isn't always successful. Book your office move as soon as you know you'll be moving


What Moving Services Do You Offer?

They provide a range of office moving and storage solutions, including commercial relocating in New Orleans. Moving firms can offer a variety of services. Great Plains Moving and Storage is a full-service moving and relocation firm that handles moving planning to furniture placement in the new office. Contact your moving company to see what services they may give and which you must do yourself.


Where are My Items Safe?

Professional movers take your belongings' security seriously. They safeguard your items, pack them in cardboard boxes or plastic tubs, and fasten them carefully on the vehicle. On top of handling your items with care, moving firms have the extra precaution of insurance just in case something breaks. We are bonded, licensed, and insured for your and our protection.


Do You Specialize in Relocation?

Moving firms can be flexible in their movements, but not all are equal. A business moving firm like Great Plains Moving and Storage understands how to treat business equipment. Commercial movers have resources that domestic movers do not. Depending on the size of your office and its equipment, a commercial mover may be the best alternative.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

The key to a successful move is knowing what your moving company can give. Great Plains Moving and Storage goes out of its way to satisfy our clients' requests for a stress-free move. Contact your moving company today to discuss your business relocation needs.

10 Professional Moving Safety Tips from Denver Area Movers

Denver Area Movers Provide Professional Moving Advice for a Safe and Secure Move

The stress and cost of moving from one property to another can be difficult, especially on Moving Day. The health of you, your family, and pets should always come first, before money or time. That's why moving is so risky.

Our expert Denver area movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage have top safety tips for moving and storage to keep you safe and healthy.

  1. Seek Help - Don't lift and move heavy household items alone. Instead, enlist the help of friends or partner with professional Denver area movers.
  2. Plan Ahead - Avoid major blunders on the "Big Day" by planning. If you plan to hire professional movers, contact them early to receive an estimate and start preparing.
  3. Use Quality Packing Materials - Invest in excellent moving equipment and packing materials for oversized items like furniture, appliances, and moving boxes.
  4. Examine Your Home - Prevent serious incidents on moving day. Inspect all doorways and hallways before moving bulky furniture. Pre-measure the furnishings, then the exit doors and corridors. When in doubt, safely disassemble your most significant furniture pieces before moving them.
  5. Dress Appropriately - Be prepared for any unpleasant surprises on moving day. Wear clothes that are comfortable and protective. Make sure your attire is breathable and flexible. Avoid excessive clothing.
  6. Clear Paths - When moving large and heavy things, no random moving boxes or other untidy clutter should be in your way. Remember that one wrong step or slide can ruin your house move. Debris on exit paths is a significant trip hazard.
  7. Outdoor Safety – Help with the exterior areas. A clear path to the driving vehicle is preferred. Clean up any ground debris, even if innocuous. Even if you're moving out, prune overgrown bushes and tree limbs that could injure movers.
  8. Monitor Your Kids - Kids should not be present when massive furniture is removed from the home. Innocent children are especially at risk, so ask someone to monitor your kids while you work.
  9. Safeguard Your Pets — You don't want your rambunctious pet running about on moving day. Moving day safety is about avoiding mishaps. Keep your pet in a room with plenty of food and water, and try temporarily barring the door.
  10. Check the Weather - Keep an eye on the forecast. Wear light-colored clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to reduce sweating on hot summer days. Keep the house warm and dress in layers to regulate your body temperature.


Contact Great Plains Storage

Overall, employ common sense. Don't try to be a hero and do things you can't. Hire expert Denver area movers to help you move big goods as you transfer lighter items. Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage today for more information!

Hidden Costs While Moving from Professional Movers in Colorado

Learn About the Hidden Costs While Moving from Professional Movers in Colorado and in Brighton, CO & Surrounding Areas

Moving your home or office comes with a few main costs. Costs dependent on the distance you are moving, the number of items being moved, and more. But, while those may seem obvious to some, there are several hidden costs that you might not think of that moving companies may slip into your quote or you may run into along the way. When planning your budget for a move or scheduling an estimate, keep these in mind!


Costs to Look For

There are a handful of extra fees that might apply to your residential or commercial move. Here is a list to help you understand and be aware of each one.

  • The cost of packing supplies: boxes, paper, bubble-wrap.
  • Fees for large or bulky items such as pianos.
  • Long carry fee if there is a long distance from your building to the truck.
  • Short-term and long-term storage fees.
  • Fees for a disassembly of furniture service.
  • Elevator fee if the elevator in a building is out of order.
  • Express delivery fee.
  • Packing and unpacking services fee.
  • Travel fee for the distance from the office to your location.
  • Fee for canceling the move last minute or no-show.
  • Charges for making additional stops.

These fees are not “hidden” in the fact that they are supposed to be a surprise, but they can be unexpected if you do not know what to look for. During your initial estimate, ask your movers about these fees and see if any apply to your services or not. No matter, your professional movers in Colorado will work with you to explain their services and fit them to your needs.

Plan ahead and start budgeting early on to accommodate for these extra fees. Take a look at your home to see if there could be fees because of an elevator, walking distance, and more. Understanding these costs with professional movers in Colorado will help you prepare for your move.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage to meet our professional movers in Colorado. Located in Brighton, CO, and surrounding areas, we are only a phone call away to schedule your moving and storage estimate.

Things to Look for in Professional Moving Companies

What Qualities to Look for in Professional Moving Companies in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, & Surrounding Areas

Taking your time and working to find the best professional moving companies to pick from at the beginning of your move is an essential first step. Quality movers will make the difference between a successful or unfortunate moving and storage experience. Good movers can help you organize your move, will work diligently to keep your belongings safe and the experience stress-free. To help you with the process, here are some things to look for in professional movers.



As you start looking for companies, you will want to compare the good versus potentially bad. The first sure way to do this is to ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations. Do your friends, family, or co-workers know a moving and storage service that they had a good experience with? That is a great way to start! If not, it’s time to do some research online. You will want to look for reputable movers with good reviews and ratings as well as affiliation with professional associations.


What are the Risks of Rushing?

If you pick a random company last minute or do not do any research before signing a contract, you run the risk of the following:

  • Unexpected or unexplained fees
  • Broken items
  • Missing boxes of belongings
  • Unprofessional
  • Poor customer service


How do You Find Professional Moving Companies?

  • Read reviews
  • Professional Attitude
  • Fantastic customer services
  • Need insurance options for belongings
  • Transparent fees and rates
  • Need customizable options
  • Must be licensed
  • Look for experience
  • Membership in professional associations
  • BBB accredited
  • Reasonable prices

There are many things to look for before and during an estimate with professional moving companies. Go with your gut and find trustworthy movers who are eager to help, transparent, and reliable.

Use these tips to start searching for the movers you need. Find the perfect moving and storage company for you and begin planning your move. From reviews to positive recommendations, there are many ways to find good movers.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

Great Plains Moving in Storage is one call away to help you plan your next move with one of the best professional moving companies in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule your moving and storage estimate.

Moving and Storage Company’s Tips for Reducing Moving Stress

Leading Moving and Storage Company’s Advice on How to Reduce Moving Stress in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, & Surrounding Areas

Changing your surroundings and planning to move to a new home can be a stressful time. If you are thinking about moving, are just starting to look for professional moving companies, no matter where you are in the moving and storage process, our moving and storage company is here to help you see how you can create a less stressful experience.


Plan Your Move to Reduce Stress

As you begin planning for your move, start early and keep track of all steps of the move as you go. For example, you will need to set your timeline, plan how and when the packing will happen, and who you would like to hire for your move. The sooner you figure all this out, the better. Saving any details for the last minute is what ramps up the possible stress and chances for accidents to happen.


Schedule Breaks

Going headlong into the moving and storage process seems inevitable as the countdown to your moving day decreases. Plan breaks into your schedule to give yourself some breathers and time to assess how the move is going. This will save you from potential burnout. For example, when packing, take a lunch break.


Control Only What You Can Control

Some things during a move are out of our control. For example, items can be damaged or lost. That’s why you do what you can to prevent it while reducing stress. Hire a reliable moving and storage company. Pack your belongings carefully with high-quality materials, and most likely, everything will be fine. Do what you can do and do it ahead of time to reduce the likelihood of something going wrong.

Do what you can, give yourself breaks when needed, and plan for your move ahead of schedule. These three tips will make a big difference when it comes to reducing stress over a move. Take your time and rely on your professional moving and storage company’s experienced help.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

Contact our movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage to learn more about our moving and storage services. Call us or go online to get started scheduling your moving and storage estimate in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and surrounding areas.

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A Local Moving and Storage Checklist

A Local Moving and Storage Checklist

Plan with This Local Moving and Storage Checklist for Your Next Move in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, & Surrounding Areas

Moving local will give you an instantly easier and more convenient experience compared to moving long-distance or cross-country. But there is still lots of work to do in the meantime, so let’s focus on creating a local moving and storage checklist so your move can be a breeze.


Moving and Storage Checklist

This checklist from Great Plains Moving and Storage will help streamline your upcoming move. Start planning, create a timeline and floorplan, reach out to movers, and see how you can create the best moving and storage experience for yourself. When you are ready, start making your move a reality and see how you can enjoy a stress-free moving and storage experience today.

  • DIY VS Professional Local Moving and Storage: Decide if you will be moving everything on your own, or if you will be hiring professional movers. DIY gives you control of the timeline, but professionals have the experience and streamlined services to help.
  • Plan What You are Moving: Time to create an inventory and get rid of any belongings you do not want to keep.
  • Research Moving and Storage Quotes: See how much a local move usually costs to compare to your upcoming quotes.
  • Schedule a Moving and Storage Estimate: Ask professional movers about their services and ask lots of questions!
  • Create a Timeline: When are you hiring your professional movers? When will the packing be complete? When is your moving day?
  • Create a Floorplan: Measure all furniture and wall hangings. Plan where items will go in the new space and what will not before moving.
  • Pick the Best Movers for You: Compare estimates and see whose services were transparent and helpful.
  • Purchase Packing Supplies: New boxes and materials can be purchased on your own or provided by the local moving and storage company.
  • Begin Packing: Hire full-service packing or pack yourself. Give yourself plenty of time and stay organized.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and surrounding areas today. If you are planning on moving your home or office soon, call us to schedule your free moving and storage estimate.

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