Business Movers’ Tips on Involving Employees in Your Business Move

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Moving a business takes a lot of work and affects many people from your customers, staff, and employees. It is important to make sure your employees are informed about the move as early as possible and that you involve them in the process. Think about it—you hired these talented individuals for a reason, so involve them help in completing your move. Here are some tips from Great Plains Moving and Storage to help streamline the process a bit more.

  • Give Everyone a Heads Up - During the move, be sure to let everyone know ahead of time when the expected move is supposed to happen. This change has a huge effect on your employee’s daily lives so be sure to have regular meetings to check in and make sure everyone is informed and handling the move well.
  • Organization - Staying organized is key during a move. Create checkpoints and assignments to organize the day-to-day tasks. Create a list of dates such as when all of the packings should be completed, when the moving days are taking place, when the employees should work remotely, or report to the new location. While all of this is going on, be sure to pick a liaison to maintain open communication between your business and the business movers.
  • An Opportunity for Improvement - Moves bring about the opportunity for change. Your business movers will be able to provide floor planners and logistics to your business but be sure to ask your employees if there is any way to improve their workspace in the new location. Does anyone need more printers or are there enough cubicles?
  • Pay Attention to Productivity - While the move is underway, make sure the packing and changes are not hampering your employees’ work. Consider hiring temporary help to lighten the load and provide support to your employees who are very affected by the move.
  • Ask for Feedback - Once your move is complete with the help of your talented employees and business movers, be sure to take a moment and reflect on the process. Ask for feedback from your employees to see how the move could be completed even better the next time around.


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Advantages of Residential Storage Solutions

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Advantages of Residential Storage Solutions

Professional Movers Provides Tips on the Advantages of Residential Storage Solutions in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Residential moves pair well with residential storage solutions to help benefit your move and streamline it from beginning to end. If your move cannot be completed right away, or you need somewhere to store your belongings during the move, short-term or long-term storage from Great Plains Moving and Storage are here to make your move easier for you.

  • Declutter - Residential storage solutions help smooth the process over from decluttering a move, keeping the home clean, or bridging the gap if your move has two different move-in and move-out dates. For example, if you have fragile items such as antiques, fine-art, and more, these items can be safely packed and custom crated to keep them safe while the move is going on.
  • Easily Accessible - During the move, you can access your belongings in storage. While on an estimate with a moving and storage company, it’s important to ask if their residential storage solutions are accessible if you can drive a car to your storage, and what their business hours are. All these options will allow you to have access to your belongings during the move. This is especially helpful if you have moved out of your current home but your next home is not ready for moving.
  • Safety & Security - Your items’ safety is very important in residential storage solutions. Make sure the warehouse of your moving and storage company has both electronically-monitored security, and climate-controlled rooms to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Pick the best residential storage solutions that will best streamline your next residential move. During your estimate with a moving and storage company, be sure to ask these questions and see how they can work to fit your needs, budget, and schedule. Storage is a crucial step in your move if your next location is not ready right away or if you need to complete your move in steps. Offered in both short-term and long-term storage, make sure you find the moving and storage services you need.


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Tips for an Effective Office Relocation

Tips for an Effective Office Relocation

Reliable Advice on How to Have an Effective Office Relocation in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs

If your office is planning an upcoming move, our movers have several tips to help smooth the transition that is office relocation. Start planning ahead by reading these tips from Great Plains Moving and Storage’s expert movers in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO because you will discover how to plan out your move and what steps are necessary to see it to success.


Office Relocation Strategies

Creating a timeline, negotiating tasks, communicating with your employees, and upgrading your design or format are all top strategies while planning for an office relocation.

  • Plan Ahead - Planning your move ahead of time will save your office relocation the mistakes that rushing can bring. Create some short-term and long-term goals you and your company can accomplish to see the move through to its completion. Plan when to pack, when to notify employees of the move, notify your utilities, and more.
  • Delegate Duties - Negotiating tasks is a way to not only involve, but to rely on the people around you. For example, create a taskforce made up of your office movers, designers, property managers, realtors, your human resources, and your finances person. This team will be able to oversee the move and make sure everyone and everything affected is informed and ready for the move.
  • Strong Communication - Communication can single handedly create a fantastic moving and storage experience. When all involved parties are involved and notified, the move can continue to its successful completion. An office relocation needs employees to be notified ahead of time because of when they need to pack, when they need to go to their new work location, and more. Check in to make sure everyone is handling the new changes and stress all right.
  • Trust Your Moves - Take advantage of the services moving and storage companies can offer. Consider the moving company’s suggestions about design, floor plans, and different layout options. Take advantage of this professional advice and upgrade your office in its new home.

With these tips, you will be ready to help your business with its move. Work with your employees, moving companies, and all the resources you have at your disposal to create a streamlined moving and storage experience.


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Storage Solutions for Seasonal Items and Storage in Denver, CO

Professional Recommendations for Storage in Denver, CO & Brighton, CO for Seasonal Items

With the holidays coming up or coming to an end, you have already taken out all your seasonal items from your attic, basement, or closet, and the idea of cramming them back in there is quite unpleasant. Did you know that you can store your seasonal items at short-term and long-term storage in Denver, CO with professional moving companies?

Moving and storage companies are here for their clients in even moments like these as the professional movers try to make your life as easy as possible. Store your seasonal items safely and out of your way until you are ready to use them again next year. Here are Great Plains Moving and Storage’s top reasons why professional storage solutions for seasonal items and storage in Denver, CO, is a must.


Storage Solutions Questions

  • What unit size do you need?
  • Can you access the storage unit?
  • What are the storage facility's hours?
  • Is the storage unit accessible by car?
  • Is the storage facility security monitored?

Hiring a moving and storage company with safe and secure storage in Denver, CO is key. You will want a storage facility or warehouse that is security monitored and climate-controlled, for the safety of your belongings. On top of safety, you will want storage in Denver, CO that is accessible and easy to pick-up your items when you need them for the next holiday.

Putting away the decorations this year will feel a lot easier when you know they have somewhere to go besides taking up lots of room in your home. Professional moving and storage in Denver, CO, and other solutions work to give customers not only what they need, but the quality storage services they deserve.

While packing your items for storage, be sure to purchase good, new, boxes, tape, markers to label the boxes, and packaging paper and bubble wrap as needed. Good packing will keep your belongings safe. When you are ready to pick the moving and storage company services that have the storage solutions you want, take your time, ask the questions above, and see who fits your needs the best.


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Moving and Storage Solutions for Fears You May Have Heading into a Move

Professional Help with Moving and Storage Solutions for Fears You May Have Going into a Move in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Whether this is your first move or your tenth move, there are some fears that naturally might worry you during the process. First, this is completely normal! A move is a big change in your life and can be attached to certain anxieties or concerns. Great Plains Moving and Storage is a leader among moving companies in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO providing moving and storage solutions and offer you a few tips to help you through such situations to make sure you feel confident and knowledgeable about how to handle your upcoming move.


Common Fears That You May Have

Planning ahead for your move can help to assuage many of your worries and concerns. Take our professional movers' tips and start searching for the right moving and storage solutions for your next move today.

  • Adjusting to New Surroundings - Moves are full of very new things and experiences. A good way to get used to your new home is to look up things you can do in the area. Go to a park or check out a local restaurant. This will help you acclimate to your new area and help you look forward to the change.
  • Moving is a Financial Risk - A move can be expensive and if something goes wrong or you feel like you might make a mistake, be sure to take your time while planning the move to avoid this or assuage these fears. Set a limit and follow your budget and be sure to plan ahead to make everything go according to plan. Mistakes, accidents, and more are more likely to happen when a move is unplanned or rushed.
  • Living Alone - Moving away on your own can be sad or scary because of all the family and friends you are leaving behind. Feeling all these emotions are normal and are a part of a change in your life. Don’t be afraid to question if you are making the right choice for the right reasons. Double-check you are moving as you want to and make sure you say goodbye so you can move and begin the next chapter in your life.


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Office Moving Problems & How to Avoid Them with a Moving and Storage Company

Professional Moving and Storage Company’s Advice on Office Moving Problems & How to Avoid Them

Your office’s move is coming up and months of work and preparation have gone into this moment. To avoid slowing the process down or causing any additional costs in damage during the move, here are Great Plains Moving and Storage’s professional moving and storage company’s advice on how to plan for your move before the big day arrives.

  • Plan Ahead - Don’t rush or leave everything to the last minute. Take your time when picking out a moving and storage company because picking one that will do their best to complete your move in an efficient and safe fashion is the moving and storage company you will want to hire. Make sure your employees are also notified of the upcoming move and are told when they should begin packing if they should transition to working remotely, or when they are expected to go to work at the new location. Make a list and think about who you have to send your change of address to such as your post office, customers, suppliers, business partners, utilities, and more.
  • Technology - Every office has its slew of computers, scanners, copiers, and whatever else equipment your office requires. It is important to plan ahead since you and your employees will not have access to these things during the move. Back up your files and documents before the move and hire an I.T. support if you do not already have one. I.T. will be able to prepare and pack your technology safely for the move and set it up at the new office.
  • Delegate - Have an employee in charge as a moving coordinator. Make sure the employees know that the professionals are the only ones moving boxes and equipment to avoid injury, strain, or accidents. It’s important to stay organized and create spaces where items that are to be moved, thrown away, or donated can be set aside.

Planning ahead, delegating tasks, and getting everything ready for your move is important to handle before the big move-in day. If you are already reading this blog before your move, you are already a step ahead of the game!


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