Tips to Reduce Clutter from Movers in Colorado Springs, CO

The Top Movers in Colorado Springs, CO Offers Advice on Reducing Clutter Before a Move

As a leader among moving companies in Colorado Springs, CO, Great Plains Moving and Storage’s goal is to make every part of the relocation process easier on you and your family. We know that lots of families look around their home before a move and wonder—how did you accumulate all that stuff? The longer you’ve lived in one location, the more overwhelming it might feel to need to go through every inch of your home to pack and move.

Our local movers in Colorado Springs, CO know that preparing for a move can be overwhelming. That’s why packing and logistical services are part of what we offer. When you need help moving, no matter the size or distance, Great Plains can provide planning, packing, storage, and moving assistance.


Downsize Items That Are No Longer Needed

Find ways to donate, declutter, or discard items you no longer use or need. If you have time and space to plan a yard sale or garage sale, such sales are an easy way to get rid of some possessions and make some money that can help finance your move at the same time. (If you have growing kids, this can also be a good moment to pass along any items or clothing they’ve outgrown!)

Holding a yard sale or garage sale is always an option, but it can take up time and energy to plan. If you’re short on time, you can use many online platforms and apps to sell items that are in good shape. Some of our clients have also used social media to post to their network about items they’re selling or handing off, and had great success helping out families just like their own.

Don’t forget that homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, adoption and foster family agencies, or churches that run programs that serve the homeless or recently emigrated folks all need donations of all kinds of home goods. Finding a great place to donate that’s convenient to your home can make you feel really positive about getting rid of the clutter in your home!


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As you get ready to move, remember that you can also rely on the expertise of your movers in Colorado Springs, CO. Our team of experts at Great Plains offers comprehensive packing, moving, storage, and other logistical support for your next relocation. Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage today to get started with your free quote.

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Moving Scams & How to Avoid Them

Moving Scams & How to Avoid Them from Moving Companies in Denver, CO

Moving Companies in Denver, CO Help you Avoid Moving Scams

If you’ve moved before, you probably remember feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or frazzled. Moving can be hard on families and businesses, and sense of stress makes scammers feel like you might be an easier target. Moving scams have increased as people find resources online instead of in person. The moving companies in Denver CO can tell you it’s important to verify any vendor you pick, and the experienced representatives at Great Plains Moving and Storage compiled these tips to help you stay safe.

When planning a move, it’s important to do your research on moving companies in Denver, CO so you can feel comfortable with the business you’ll be partnering with. We hate to see customers left in the lurch by disreputable companies and moving scams. You can avoid that risk by doing some additional research and fact-checking.

·       Check Out Their Website - A professional company should have a professional looking website, with multiple legitimate ways to contact them. Reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp can confirm the experiences others have had working with that business, so be sure to look them up and read a few.

·       Call the Company - The company’s phone number should be easy to find and be answered by someone who identifies themselves and the name of the company. Scammers will generally try not to say a company name or give you information that you could try to investigate.

·       Looks for Professional Organizations - Even very small or local professional movers will still identify themselves as members of the Better Business Bureau, the local chamber of commerce, the International Association of Movers, the American Moving and Storage Association, etc. Each of these affiliations is an organization you can contact to verify the track record of the company you’re looking into.

·       Consider Their Coverage - Moving companies in Denver CO will always be able to offer some sort of liability coverage during your move. Even if you’re using the full services of the company and not doing any of the labor yourself, it’s important to understand what liability you maintain, and the company maintains throughout each step of the move.

·       Look into Payment Options - If the company is requesting a down payment, advance, or other payment arrangements, it might be a sign of a scam. Professional movers get paid after all the work of your move has been completed.


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The moving companies in Denver CO want to be sure you can connect with the relocation services you need. If you’re looking for expertise along with comprehensive moving services, Great Plains Moving and Storage is ready to help. Contact us today to get started with your free quote.

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Office Moving Tips

Office Moving Tips from Professional Office Movers

Expert Office Movers Provide Office Moving Advice

When you’re getting ready to move your office, you should be able to focus on what matters: the transition that your team faces, providing ongoing service to your customers, and maintaining your supply chain throughout the relocation. As a leader among moving companies in Brighton, CO and Colorado Springs, CO, Great Plains Moving and Storage works hard to take the stress of moving logistics off your shoulders so you can focus on your priorities.


Full-Service Office Movers in Brighton, CO & Colorado Springs, CO

Our office movers provide full-service packing, moving, assembly, and logistical assistance for you and your business. We know that when moving an office, the most important goal is to get the business back up and running as soon as possible. We value our customers and we know that you value business continuity and responding to your customers as well, so we’ll work with you to make a plan that gets everything moved efficiently and speedily so you can get back to work.

Our professionally trained moving teams have the experience needed to move office supplies, confidential files, manufacturing and other equipment, and more. No matter how heavy or bulky your office needs are, we can get them packed and moved securely. We can help with medical files, financial files, electronic equipment, and other security-sensitive needs.


Customized Office Moving Services

Our office movers will help you refine your moving plan to meet your specifications. We’ll work with you to determine the right timeline, and how to manage each step of the moving process. We can help with logistics and storage solutions, and our experienced staff will create solutions for any needs you have. We can build cubicles, install electronics, assemble furniture, move medical and manufacturing equipment provide industrial rigging services, and more. Our moving plan is just as specialized as your business, because we know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to relocation services.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

There are so many factors to consider when planning your move and selecting office movers (cost, manpower, experience, special services, timing, availability…) Great Plains Moving and Storage has the commercial moving team trusted by businesses over and over again. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more about our office moving services and how we can help your business find a new home.

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How to Properly Compare Moving Companies

Tips on Comparing Moving Companies in Brighton, CO & Surrounding Areas

Most of us are used to comparison shopping at the grocery store, and happy to find a deal on a product we love. We go shopping already knowing what products we need, what features we want, and the price we’d like to pay. When you are comparison shopping for movers, it may not feel that easy. How can you know what services you’ll need for your move, or determine what will be most useful for your home or business? The expert movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and surrounding areas wants to make this process easier for you.

Our quotes are designed to be customized for your particular moving needs. We also itemize each service you choose so that you understand each cost. When you’re looking at quotes from other moving companies, here are some things to look for:

  • Insurance - Top quality movers will offer varied levels of insurance, so that you can determine what kind of insurance is right for your move. You might consider adding additional insurance if our team is helping you move equipment, electronics, antiques, or art; our full replacement coverage means that any item damaged or lost during a move will be replaced by the company at no cost to you.
  • Licensing - It’s easy to assume that a company that represents itself well on a website or over the phone has its credentials in order, but some small moving companies, independent contractor movers, and others may not be licensed. Always ask if your movers are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • A Comprehensive Quote - Almost all moving companies begin their relationship with you by building a quote. Quotes often differ in how detailed they are, and how detailed the cost analysis is. After reading a quote, you should understand each cost that is outlined, and how that cost might change due to weight, distance, or other factors in your move.


Plan Before Booking

The best way you can protect your home or business when planning a move is to gather as much information up front as you can, so that you can get more detailed information from moving coordinators or while you’re gathering quotes. What is your moving schedule? What is your estimated budget? How many boxes or pieces of furniture do you need to move? What services (like packing or unpacking, storage solutions, furniture or cubicle assembly, etc) do you need included in your quote? The more you know, the better information you’re likely to get from the moving companies.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

When you work with Great Plains Moving and Storage Brighton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and surrounding areas, you’ll have the peace of mind of receiving a comprehensive quote, customized for you, and detailed information about costs and the timeline you can expect from us. Get to know our friendly move coordinators by contacting us today.

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Unpacking After a Move

Tips on Unpacking from Denver Professional Movers

If you’re preparing for a home move, your focus might be on preparing for the move, changing your utility providers, making sure you have enough boxes and bubble wrap, finding new schools and doctors and grocery stores. One more item on your to-do list should also be preparing for unpacking. There are lots of strategies to make it easier for your family, and our Denver professional movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage in Brighton, CO has put together this list to guide your steps.

·       Get the Right Supplies - While reusing boxes can be helpful with electronics and small appliances, it’s less useful if the box is in poor shape or has been labeled many times before. Don’t forget that packing with boxes of a regular size and shape can also help you save time during the moving process and make things easier on your Denver professional movers. The best way to make sure unpacking goes smoothly is to make sure nothing is broken or damaged during transit, which means using the best boxes and packing supplies you can.

·       Put Furniture in Place - As your move is underway, make sure your team knows where furniture should be placed. You can create a floorplan ahead of time, or label wrapped furniture with the appropriate room. Your Denver professional movers from Great Plains will use furniture pads, dollies, and other tools to make sure your furniture stays in excellent condition throughout your move.

·       Label Everything Clearly - Use permanent marker and label all the boxes that belong in each room with the same label (like “living room”) or the piece of furniture it should be with (like “living room bookshelves”). You can even color-code by room by using blue permanent marker for the kitchen, a red permanent marker for the master bedroom, etc.

·       Go Room by Room - Packing up one room at a time helps you be more methodical, and make sure that like items remain together during your move. Then, you can unpack room by room, making use of your labeled boxes and accurately placed furniture to put items in their correct place.

·       Pack and Unpack Your “Necessities” First - In the kitchen, you might make a necessities box with a place setting for each member of your household, a pot, a pan, and a few utensils, to make sure you’re able to cook your first meal in your new home easily. You might make a “necessities” box for your closet, with your most frequently worn clothes and shoes, or in your linen closet, for the bedding you’ll need for your first night in your new home.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage

If you’re getting ready for your next home move, the Denver professional movers at Great Plains Moving and Storage are here to help no matter what services you need. We can help with folks who would rather pack themselves or do a DIY unpack, and we also offer comprehensive packing, moving, unpacking, storage, and logistical services when you need it. Contact us today to find out why we are a leader among moving companies in Denver, CO, and Brighton, CO.

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Giving Back with Move for Hunger

Your Next Move Can Help Support Move for Hunger

At Great Plains Moving and Storage, our priority is serving our community. And while we normally do that by providing the best quality packing, moving and storage services in Denver, CO and Brighton, CO, we’re proud to be a leader among moving companies participating in Move for Hunger, serving local food banks and families in need.

Participating is a simple way to contribute to local food banks while also clearing out pantry goods. The way it works is simple:

1.     Your Great Plains Moving and Storage move coordinator will ask if you’d like to participate by donating canned and non-perishable goods on the day of your move. That means our move team will take care of all the logistics of your donation—all you have to do is put together your donation.

2.     As you prepare to move, collect any unopened food goods you’d like to donate. Popular and useful items include peanut butter, dry beans, dried milk, pasta, noodles, rice, oatmeal, and canned meats.

3.     On the day of your move, if you have agreed to participate, your moving team will collect your Move for Hunger donation. You can put together a box or bag, whatever is easiest for you and your family.


Giving Back Has Never Been Easier

Participating in Move for Hunger helps us fight hunger in our community while also reducing food waste. You don’t have to throw out unused dry and canned goods that you don’t want to move; instead, give them to a local family in need. Packing your kitchen has never been easier.

Great Plains Moving and Storage provides comprehensive packing, moving, unpacking, and storage services to help your family make your next move. Move for Hunger can make packing your kitchen easier, and our professional packing teams can help with the rest of your home, storage unit, attic, and garage. We can help with vehicle moves, long-distance moves, and other logistics.


Contact Great Plains Moving and Storage Moving and Storage

If you’re getting ready to make your next home move, call the professional movers who serve the community in every way possible. Great Plains Moving and Storage is proud to provide you with every moving service you need and help you participate and give back to the community at the same time. Contact our friendly agents today to learn more.

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