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Logistics for Distribution & Storage in Denver, CO & Brighton, CODistribution & Storage in Denver, CO & Brighton, CO

Your distribution, warehousing, and storage in Denver, CO and Brighton, CO is more efficient with Great Plains Moving & Storage. Our logistics specialists provide superior organizational methods, IT, and scanning. Our storage facility is kept impeccably clean and organized and run by professional warehousing specialists. Fill out our free quote form to get started.


Streamlined Warehousing and Distribution

We ensure that the entire process of receiving, warehousing, and distributing your inventory is completely streamlined. First, the inventory management system we employ is unparalleled and not only tracks where every item is, but can also supply you with detailed lists of supply volumes. as are our state-of-the-art fire and theft protection systems installed within our Denver, Colorado warehouse.


Focused On Distribution Efficiency

Our 80,000 square foot warehouse boasts 480,000 square foot of storage in Denver, CO and Brighton, CO, dedicated solely to commercial products. We separate household and commercial goods to provide efficiency and security when dealing with time-sensitive pickups and deliveries. This also results in the lowest claims ratio in the industry and improved efficiencies in cargo handling. Inventory received into the warehouse is palletized or stretch-wrapped for open racking. Your items will be bar-coded and tracked through our inventory management system. This asset management system allows for easy pickup and delivering and overall an improved warehousing and distribution processes.


Partner with Great Plains Moving and Storage

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