At Great Plains Moving & Storage, we provide the hospitality industry, restaurant and hotel moving services needed to get your establishment up and running. We specialize in FF&E warehousing, handling, and transporting everything from furniture, lamps, and flat screen TVs to restaurant appliances. We can provide hotel and restaurant warehousing and moving services through Project Logistics, a division of STI, for the efficient and secure delivery and installation of FF&E.

Coordinating FF&E Moving Services

We will coordinate every detail of your move including pick-up, warehousing, and delivery of FF&E. We will receive shipments from your vendors and manage the inventory that comes into our warehouse. We can also pick up inventory from another warehouse where FF&E has been aggregated. Great Plains and our corporate coordinators at STI arrange for and coordinate the receiving agent for your shipments and our highly-trained teams and specialized equipment then redeliver the shipment to its final destination.

Why Choose Great Plains Moving & Storage?

No matter what you need to transport, Great Plains is your one-source for the receiving, warehousing and delivery of FF&E. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you can get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities for hotel and restaurant moving, and find out how we make moving FF&E efficient for your business.