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The Leading Laboratory Moving Company in Brighton, CO & Denver, COLaboratory Moving Company in Brighton, CO & Denver, CO

We are located in Brighton, CO, Denver, CO, and Colorado Springs, CO, in the “aerospace beltway.” As neighbors to Ball Aerospace as well as the University of Colorado at Boulder's world-renowned space department, we are a trusted moving partner to both the aerospace industry and research laboratories. Great Plains Moving and Storage is known as a top laboratory moving company because we handle the transport of aerospace and laboratory components with care and expertise.


Precise Temperature Transport

As a leading laboratory moving company, Great Plains Moving and Storage are experts at moving items that are temperature sensitive so that they arrive safely, no matter what their destination. Our state-of-the-art moving equipment maintains precise temperatures to preserve the integrity of your sensitive items. This revolutionary ability to control the environment within our vehicles is one of the reasons why we are a trusted partner to top aerospace companies and laboratories across the country.


Aerospace Shipping Services

Great Plains provides aerospace shipping services for telescope and component parts. Specifically, we have been the provider of transportation services for fragile and highly sensitive telescope mirrors that require a precise nitrogen atmosphere to preserve their beryllium constituents. Our highly trained and experienced staff understand the exact measures they must take to maintain this environment in our specialized vehicles. From end to end, we ensure that the most delicate of instruments are rigorously protected, and every possible scenario is planned for before moving day.


Research Laboratory Equipment Shipping

We provide laboratory moving services for hospitals, medical offices, and scientific research facilities. Many laboratory items require climate-controlled environments for transport. As a premier agent for Specialized Transportation Inc. (STI), our laboratory moves utilize the STI fleet of climate controlled trailers to maintain ideal temperature throughout the transit. Other specialized trailers and vehicles can be ordered with electrical generators so items can remain plugged in and powered during transport.


Partner with an Expert Laboratory Moving Company 

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